Friday, October 29, 2010

is time for bananas in pyjamas!!

have you seen this T.V series? Bananas in pyjamas. the main characters are two bananas named B1 and B2. three teddy bears Amy, Lulu, and Morgan and also Rat in Hat. they live in the same niegbourhood called "Cuddles Avenue". this cartoon become my favourite cartoon and it is must-seen t.v series.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

syukur, it is just end but still not finish yet

praise to Allah for His grace to me... even i had a many problem this pathetic week, He still give me a change to be a better and keep it up. i have just end up my presentation for my final project. even it is not one of my good, at least, i have try my own best. but still another annoying thing that not yet finish. some assignment, a final exam for this semester and final report. ok. gogogo! you can do it.