Friday, July 22, 2011

grateful for the shock-wave


first of all i would like to thank Allah S.W.T for His mercy and blessing toward us. Greeting and blessing to our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for his effort to establish Deen Islam and spreading the nur Islam for the grace of mankind in the universe. to my best parents ever, mr & mrs boss, for their willing to sacrifice everything to look me life happily and kicking. not forget, to all my coolest lecturers of Sime-Sirim and Puspatri, Ustaz Safri, Mr Gurdeep, Mr Zaidi, Mr Airuddin, Mr Sazly Shah, Mr Mura, Mr Helmy Basri also to Mr hasriq. to all my superb friends. thanks a lot for sharing everything in 5 months of aggravation and boisterous together. you guys are my inspiration.

yesterday we just finished our convocation together. hope our relationship will last longer. am hope that you guys will be success in your career and life. keep rocking and marching guys. we still have about three weeks to finish. my prays always with you.

yesterday was my day (maybe). its unexpectedly that i got the award for the second runner up of best presenter. I tough that I'm never win anything. just because i'm not so talkative and rarely speak in front of public. in the middle of nowhere, this award is not for me. but dedicated to my presentation group-mates; TITAN. there's a lots of things that I've to learn and rejuvenate.

sorry for my broken English....   :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

freaking late!

today am freaking late. just because stay late last night till 3 a.m running for my final presentation. when wake up, oh dang! its 7:50 a.m. i only have 10 minutes more to get up, doing from taking bath till punch the attendance card. but this morning, i got diarrhoea. so i decided to enter class at 10 a.m. what am going to share now, my life is little bit exhausted. it's freak me out. am do nothing for my own pleasure. i dont have much time. it's all bout task and task and beyond. so, for today me and my whole classmates decided to go for camping!. Tanjung Balau here we come!........ just release tension for a while before we face final presentation this Monday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the art of surfboarding

am start falling in love with this kind a extreme game. it cost you thousand MYR just to buy the board only. well, but the pleasure you will get is valuable. my friend said that the "port" for surf-lover in Johor is at Desaru. however, the suitable place in Malaysia is at Cherating.

full of passion !

Saturday, July 9, 2011

benefits of 5S

last week, am just learnt something new at class TQM or Total Quality Management that has been conducted by Mr Helmy. my first view of him is, he is a charismatic and firm person. by looking at his appearance, you may agree with me. he is one of the lecturer at PUSPATRI. also, he owned a fibre boat manufacturing company which located at Kong Kong if i not mistaken. his company also manufacture a catfish tank which comes with variable size and types.

ok, i just share what i've learnt on her class. TQM is a subject that describe how we maintain the quality of the products and management in company. the elements which contains in TQM also can apply it in our daily life. for example, Kaizen and 5S.

Kaizen, from what am understand is the continuous improving. which mean, the improvement of quality of your work are ongoing.

5S is a good housekeeping and cleanliness which mean a concept how we create a good quality of work environment. its contain seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (sweep), seiketsu (standardize) and shitsuke (sustain).
firtsly, we sort the use, unused materials. secondly, we set the right place for each materials such label the equipment, or arrange it based on the colour or shape. thirdly, we keep the workplace clean and tidy by apply the duty roster or make sure the workplace always clean and neat every time after work done. second last is standardize. every manpower must know the 5S and apply it on their working environment. lastly, the easy words to understand is maintain the 4S that the workers done before. and make sure they do not do the old ways again. this concept we can adapt it on our daily working condition.

the definition of the concept is based on what am understand and sorry for my broken English.

Friday, July 8, 2011

good bye my dear sweetie friend, R.I.P

sudah lumrah fitrah yang Allah dah tetapkan. setiap pertemuan, akan ade perpisahan. seriously rase down giler bile tadi mak cakap opit dah mati. dah hilang tempat nak bermanje-manje.hilang tempat nak bercerite walaupun ku tahu opit memang tak faham bahase manusia. tapi at least die faham member die ni tengah bersedih. lepas ni takde la aku nak buli kau lagi.. :(..even, itu cume kucing jiran, tapi kita dah rapat sangat. kekadang aku rase macam pelik tengok kau ni opit, aku memang tabik dengan sifat penyayang yang ko bagi kat adek-adek kau. kalau kucing jantan lain, ade adek baru, jangan haraplah nak amek kesah. kau lah kucing warne oren kusam pertame aku penah jumpe.

mase mude-mude dulu kau memang lincah, jumpe 3 ekor kucing jantan lain ajak gadoh, senyum je ko gi setel mereka. mane taknye, badan ko besar ngalahkan kucing lain. aku pun kompius ko ni kucing ke harimau. tapi sayang ko tak meninggalkan zuriat. mane taknye, ko dah hensem plus kacak plus macho camtu tapi tak nak tekel kucing betine rumah lain, boleh plak gi tekel Meon, si kucing jantan tu buat ape??. ko ni ade masalah konflik identiti diri ke ape?.. kucing betina Mak Nah tu cun ape. die siap kejor kau lagi. kau bole bantai lari plak..tak anggun sunggoh perangai camtu. tapi takpala, dah takde jodoh kau. 

aku turut simpati dengan penderitaan yang kau tanggung disaat akhir riwayat kau. 3 lobang besar bekas gigitan kat peha kau dah cukup bagi gambaran derita yang kau tanggung. aku faham sebab kau nak protect family kau kat sini, kau sanggup bahayekan diri kau. lagi pun ko dah tua, dah tak larat nak fight-fight sangat...

miss you so much <3