Friday, July 15, 2011

freaking late!

today am freaking late. just because stay late last night till 3 a.m running for my final presentation. when wake up, oh dang! its 7:50 a.m. i only have 10 minutes more to get up, doing from taking bath till punch the attendance card. but this morning, i got diarrhoea. so i decided to enter class at 10 a.m. what am going to share now, my life is little bit exhausted. it's freak me out. am do nothing for my own pleasure. i dont have much time. it's all bout task and task and beyond. so, for today me and my whole classmates decided to go for camping!. Tanjung Balau here we come!........ just release tension for a while before we face final presentation this Monday.


  1. good luck for final.

    Tanjung Balau? camping? bestnya.
    mau ikot sekali !

  2. thanks cikgu kaktie. :P
    yup2...dh lme sy tak ke pantai, so mmg best.
    lau nk ikut next tyme la ye cikgu..hehe