Saturday, July 9, 2011

benefits of 5S

last week, am just learnt something new at class TQM or Total Quality Management that has been conducted by Mr Helmy. my first view of him is, he is a charismatic and firm person. by looking at his appearance, you may agree with me. he is one of the lecturer at PUSPATRI. also, he owned a fibre boat manufacturing company which located at Kong Kong if i not mistaken. his company also manufacture a catfish tank which comes with variable size and types.

ok, i just share what i've learnt on her class. TQM is a subject that describe how we maintain the quality of the products and management in company. the elements which contains in TQM also can apply it in our daily life. for example, Kaizen and 5S.

Kaizen, from what am understand is the continuous improving. which mean, the improvement of quality of your work are ongoing.

5S is a good housekeeping and cleanliness which mean a concept how we create a good quality of work environment. its contain seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (sweep), seiketsu (standardize) and shitsuke (sustain).
firtsly, we sort the use, unused materials. secondly, we set the right place for each materials such label the equipment, or arrange it based on the colour or shape. thirdly, we keep the workplace clean and tidy by apply the duty roster or make sure the workplace always clean and neat every time after work done. second last is standardize. every manpower must know the 5S and apply it on their working environment. lastly, the easy words to understand is maintain the 4S that the workers done before. and make sure they do not do the old ways again. this concept we can adapt it on our daily working condition.

the definition of the concept is based on what am understand and sorry for my broken English.


  1. your English just nice ;)

  2. owh yakah cikgu??
    thanks a lot ..;)

  3. i also follow 5S!!!! 5S is good but...leceh at the begining!!!!

  4. yes3..mmg leceh but kesannye?...hehe...
    bukanla nk agungkan konsep y dibuat non-muslim.. sbnonye dlm islam pun ade ways y more effective..entah2 mereka kaji islam sblm dtg dgn konsep dan idea tu kn?..(ni lecturer y ajar 5s sy ckpla)