Saturday, January 15, 2011

other craps on my mind

being a student in last semester gives me a lot of weird idea and desire pops up in my mind. coz,i have to think bout day after my final exam; bout work. i have to think bout further my degree. think.think.think.till ting tong.
b'sides, hope i can visit istanbul coz, of course it is a dem beautiful country with a high value in its own history. Ottoman empire.

this is istanbul

Bosphorus bridge; a connector between Europe side and Asia side of Turkey

ok, we leave bout the Turkey and for some good reason i'm very excited bout the Karnival sukan at UKM that i-wish-could-participate this end of month. ultimately coz of its my 1st time among 3 years i've been "jailed" in this college and one and only chance to represent my college. or lost it doesn't matter for me but make something that possibly called it as a memory.
btw, enjoy the nujum pak belalang's kugiran di tepi pantai version.