Sunday, January 9, 2011

a fortnight lesson

first week of this new year has passed
end it with fever + flu + cough
realize that our body need their authorization.
am i right?
enough rest, warmness, calmness and hygiene.
honestly, since fortnight ago i just think bout to find money money money..
consequently, i got extreme flu + super hot fever + two night just laying at my bed without anyone bother + serious cough.
thats my gifts i get in new year.Alhamdulillah. these gifts just teach me to be more responsible to myself.ok. its just my crappy creepy writing.huhu. buang masa.

ok kawan-kawan, jangan lupe minum air kosong banyak-banyak


  1. try lg sekali ek. i like ur entry for this one. n in the same time suke sgt ayat bi pkcik :)

  2. thanks mokcik buat entri b.i sbb b.i sy teruk..jd blog ni slh satu medium utk sy improve my english..hehe..lau ade verb ke grammar y slh tlg betulkan ea..;)