Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arctic Meon


seriously i miss you meon. miss to disturb you while you sleeping on reverse osmosis water machine, miss to store you on frozen part of fridge when you stole emak's fish, miss to bully you when you pee on sofa and adek's mattress. miss to spray your buttock with serai wangi's spray to give you a lesson. i know you hate it. but the important thing is, i miss to hug you and make you like a pillow while i lie down on you.

i should be realize that you can't think the function of mattress especially when you can't hold to bladder. but i know you have a instinct to feel guilty and to get back emak's attention and ingratiate him, you try to kill lizard as much as you can.

i always give you gamat oil and vicks vapor rub to lick. i don't meant to punish or torment you. just to playing around. sorry for that. but you looks happy after licked it. because you want more and more.

you are most weird cat i've seen. you like to eat bun, kuih bakar, kerepek pisang, cikedis and jajan. but you don't know how to eat nasi+ikan goreng or whatsoever that related with rice.

sometimes i feel angry coz you sleep from morning till night. what a bloody fool cat. when i complaining bout this, emak will reply " alah, ko pun same je kuat tido"..huhu...

i know you fall in love with kak siti's cat, miah (not a real name)now. coz i see you tryin' to get her attention. ooo you naughty2 cat huh?..haha..kantoi lah meon....but nevermind, i wish you can winning her heart. good luck meon.

even abah always calling you with variable name like 'main or maun or moen' , then you had a identity conflict, you still a adorable cat!

meon si kucing kutub!


  1. miss my cat too ;(

  2. ada..

    kucen parsi kat KL (belong to mysis)but i'm da one take care of them ;)

    kucen kampung kat umah ;)

    hehe ;) comei kan kucen..comei2 !!

  3. yup..comel3..
    sy teringin nk bela kucing hutan...agak2 ade org jual tak?...huhu

  4. kucen hutan??..

    xpernah jumpa lagi orang jual..
    cari kat hutan la awak..taku2 ada ke..

  5. takyah takut2..mmg ade pn kucing hutan kt hutan..hehe...corak bulu kucing hutan lawa gler..

  6. ye..saya harap awak akan jumpa satu hari nanti ;)

    all things need time right ?

  7. yup2 btui tu cik rabit...hehe..idup kne byk bersabar,...