Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy eid mubarak and birthday to me

top 10 reasons i'm glad it's today, August 30, 2011

10. it's Tuesday and it's holidays
9.  i wore brand new baju melayu black in colour
8. today like a food festive.laksa, rendang, sambal goreng, kuah kacang. i can eat how much i want
7. all the saudara-saudara pay a visits
6. it's hari raya peeps!
5. my chances to get duit raya. hehe
4. did i mention it's hari raya?
3. this is the day that we ask forgiveness from each others
2. tomorrow is national day
1. ultimately, it's my birthday anniversary. celebrated with hari raya. hehe

gmbr amek kt fb adek aku.lokek upload satu gambar je.

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