Saturday, February 6, 2010

prevent H1N1

Since A H1N1 was declared a pandemic in June last year, this plague has caused panic in public places, health care institutions as well as economic sector. Peoples rush to emergency units in hospitals and caution arises when people next to us begin to cough and sneeze.

Adults who are generally having the higher risk of being infected because of they are generally mobile from one place to other place. Those who work in air-conditioned office are easier to be infected due to closed ventilation. Statistics show that pregnant ladies, obese people and the elderly are vulnerable to fatal complications when infected with this plague.

Children have generally lower immunity against infections, thus they are easy prey. They might also be the main agent of infectious virus because they tend to produce more infectious secretion when they fall ill, they are incapable of maintaining high standards of hygiene and stay connect with other adults might help the virus spread.


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