Wednesday, February 16, 2011

pushing the limit


i successfully further my long distance study at OUM for the second semester. clap2..hehe... even though this semester just a short semester and just two subject to be taken, i feel very hard, lame and flaw. actually lil bit lazy..hehe... the reason is i just finished my diploma and every bodies know the feeling when you just finished your study right?. enjoy!! ya that's right.but,for my own sake,i'm willing to sacrifice my enjoy-time to focused on my OUM.

ape nak share hari ni ya?..just phrase from my OUM lecturer mr hamid tan "kalau bapak bengong, anak jangan jadi bengong jugak" sebenarnye mendalam maksud beliau. beliau tak bermkasud nak condemkan sesiapa. but the true is its happen nowadays.

my english bersepah. adui.muet punye pasal, kene lah biasekan dari sekarang.

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