Saturday, January 9, 2010

avoiding RSI at the computer

i don't have any idea to write in my new entry but just want to share bout the something i've read on reader' digest bout the RSI or repetetive strain injury - sometimes referred to as work-related upper limb disorder or easily understanding when u perform a same activity or movement repeatedly everyday...

to avoid RSI you should;

* make sure ur lower back s well-supported by the chair and ur knees are bent at 90 degree
* position screen at a right angle to the window or strongest light to avoid glare
* make sure your eyes at the same height as the screen , which should be about 60 centimetres away from ur eyes
* use soft but firm wrist support, so u don't need to flex ur wrists upwards
* take the 5 minutes breaks every hour and use the time to stretch.

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