Saturday, January 16, 2010

cherish saturday

what a bright-lovely-magnificent atmosphere this morning..after woke up, just open my window widely to allow the freshly energetic of morning air flow enter my room through my window...ah, just quite peacefully, with sounds of birds..ooh my.....suddenly felt annoying..haha....this cranky Saturday, same goes by with another Saturday, don't know what to do first but many agenda were pop-up on my mind... should I start with taking bath? or serve the half boiled egg? or tide up all mess in my room and house? or just continue my sleep?..wah it is look promising....just hope today that i can enjoy and makes things better in my field day...maybe now i just start with make my bed, keep the songs track on.. ooh always love this time.... i wish i have canon s90 now...surely i can snap the photo of the tremendous scenery of morning from my window...haha...always have a day-dreams..mat jenin betullah...but some say angan² mat jenin is a first step to get what we want...mmmmm..after this want always day-dreams lah...haha..

I wish I could get this one......

this D90 quite better but the price is an arm and a leg..huhu

never mind, just keep saving and eat roti every fact that in my list there some stuff that I really admire...

+ Canon S90

+ laptop battery; I wish could get asap due to unable to bring my lappy outside my room

+ vespa...haha..bolehka dapat?

+ set of drum..huhu..when I get one, surely my mom bebel

+ Macbeth's shoes...


how can I get extra money immedietely? CNIs' products? mmmm,tak ramai orang nak beli sangat...borrow money from my friends?...nanti kau tak mampu bayar balik.... expand business of rempeyek's mak in college?..I'm trying....

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