Friday, April 23, 2010

friday's sun rise up

now; 5:01 a.m, i woke up. open my window. staring at the starry sky.hoping that the bright stars will mesmerize my sight. today, i got many things to do.after made some list, i continued my research, but...bored, fumble, headache. i'm try to make another work to make me stay until azan. currently, i'm always perform solah lately in last few days. so, i want to make some history, i start write the new-crapy entry (sorry if you hate to read my entry, i know your entry is the bestest.haha). today got many task to settle up. firstly, wake up my friends. then, take the assignment brief from Mr. Ilango. next, must show the questions survey of my engineering design group to Mr. Shahin, and must get confirmation from him. next, go to grocery to buy some kitchen's stuffs. today, i'll start to cook back.huhu. i dont know either i still remember how to slice the onion or not.haha.jokin'!. my friends ask me to cook at home for make some saving. we were planned this thing since January, but we faced some problems and difficult task that make our plan crap. the most important task, start doing your assignment Man!! due date is around the corner!!. you already got two assignment to fulfill by this month. of course another one you will collect this morning. urghh!! but nevermind. just your friend said "ini barulah life!!".... owh yeah!!, this is life, this is my life, my way and i must plan it properly and clearly. yes you can. suddenly, just remember one of my favourite cartoon, Bob the builder's quote; can you fix it?! yes we can!!..haha..oklah geng, good luck for today. hope today is better than yesterday.

pic. source; google


  1. Aku sangat suka tgk Kartun Bob the builder tu dulu. sbb kartun dia lucu....

  2. yup2..haha..krtun len ku suka tgok, postman pat gn thomas si keretapi...:)