Tuesday, April 13, 2010

why planning is important

peace be upon u...this new-freshie entry write after receiving force from one of the sister that was complained bout my previous entry - 'pembuangan bayi'... she said that she so fear of blood
(ngade²)...haha..ok, never mind sis...as your command....the purpose i write that entry cause i
have just gone a topsy-turvy day. that's because i didn't do a planning first. my mistakes.last
weekend, i went to my hometown, jb to settle down some unsettled things. i'm going back to my
hometown also in the last minute decision. this situation always happen in my life because of my
own-bad habbit.likes to make decision in the couple last minutes.consequently, i couldn't finish
all my task that i should settle up. the point is, no matter how small the thing is, we should make
a planning in the first place. if not, your routine will be in mess.


  1. aiyh dak kecik ni.. senget betollarh.. isk.. alaaa.. asal lambat post.. klu tak leh buat example dalam paper management tadi.. kui3.. (◕‿◕✿) senget adikkuw sorunk nih