Sunday, April 18, 2010

a lesson

last thursday, i went to UKM, Bangi to hang out with my friends.actually i delivered my mom-handmade's rempeyek that were ordered by some of ukm's students. this is the first time my mom's rempeyek arrived there. after i finished my own bussiness, as usual, i must "lepak" with all my friends there. suddenly my friend, apis said " weyh jomla, malam ni futsal!!, alang-alang man ade kt sini, maen futsal jom.." firstly, i refused it, but after the others took part to force me to join, i gived up.. actually, i dont want to join because its have been a long time i didnt play futsal since my leg was crushed by unknown people while i played futsal 3 months ago and the pain is still not recovery yet. besides, that night, my friend; tulang want to go back his hometown; jb because of the emergency case. that night, i got a very useful lesson. the lesson is if you want to play futsal, you must strech up your body first.the result if you didnt do it, your muscle will pain and "shock". secondly, if you have didnt play sport for a long time, the better way is you shouldnt play like a star..haha..because you dont have enough stamina. that's all cases happen to me at that night, i felt very tired or "pancit", then suddenly, my leg got cramped. owh my God....what a shame!!!... i also very angry with my shoes; Vans because that shoes very heavy and its already loose..huh.... after this, i must go jog daily and do some exercise to maintain my body fit.

note: thanks to aso about the UKM's monkey swallowed pendrive's story. u made my stomach pain cause of laugh.damn u..hahaha

special thanks to taher and apis cause send me back to my college and arrived safely at 3 a.m..what a horror journey at Jalan Bangi Lama..taher!. u drove like arrgghhh!! fast...hahaha

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